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We operate in several areas

Luiz Henrique Oliveira Advogados provides specialized legal services in areas involving maritime, port, customs and international trade law.

Port and Maritime Law

  • Preventing legal counseling to shipowners, carriers, cargo agents, terminals and other players in the international trade market.
  • Recovery of maritime and port claims; court and out-of-court collection of freight rates, port charges, warehousing fees, demurrage and detention.
  • Analysis of documents and preventive consulting in the light of the Normative Resolution n. 18/2007 – ANTAQ (National Agency for Waterway Transportation).

Customs and Tax Law

  • Customs consultancy, preparation of legal opinions, inquiries on and analysis of customs legislation.
  • Defense of its clients in administrative and legal proceedings with respect to taxes and fines of the SISCOMEX CARGA system.
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International Trade

  • Legal advice to foreign companies.
  • Establishment of international trade oriented companies.
  • Preparation and analysis of contracts in general, sale of goods agreement, INCOTERMS analysis.