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Port and Maritime Law

We provide specialized legal services in areas involving maritime and port law.

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Provision of Legal Services in Port and Maritime Law in Santos

Recovery of maritime and port claims; court and out-of-court collection of freight rates, port charges, warehousing fees, demurrage and detention.

Preventing legal counseling to shipowners, carriers, cargo agents, terminals and other players in the Port and Maritime Law market.

Analysis and review of carriage contracts and charter agreements; liability commitments; general terms and conditions of carriage, terms of bills of lading, demurrage rates.

Analysis of documents and preventive consulting in the light of the Normative Resolution n. 18/2007 – ANTAQ (National Agency for Waterway Transportation).

Consulting and litigation practice in actions for damages for cargo losses.

Consulting and litigation practice in cases of general and particular average.

Arrest of vessels.

Follow-up on administrative investigations and proceedings before the admiralty court.

Legal advisory in accidents and incidents of navigation: collision, grounding.

Maritime Arbitration.

Performance before the Ministry of Transportation, Harbor Master’s Office, Secretariat of Ports, ANTAQ (National Agency for Waterway Transportation), Pilotage Service and IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources)

Advisory to foreign offshore support shipping companies and offshore oil platforms.

Analysis and review of concession, authorization, delegation and port leasing contracts.